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cyberMIND Packet Success Service Level Guarantee

cyberMIND's packet success goal is based on the successful delivery of packets through the cyberMIND IP backbone in the regions listed below. Unsuccessful packets are deemed to be those dropped due to transmission errors or router overload before exiting the cyberMIND regional IP backbone.

Asia Pacific to North America 99% packet success
North American IP Backbone 99% packet success
Transatlantic IP Backbone 99% packet success
European IP Backbone 99% packet success

cyberMIND's packet success Service Level Guarantee ("Guarantee") is successful delivery of packets will meet or exceed 99% between cyberMIND-designated IP backbone paths for the cyberMIND services listed below.

The measurement consists of 50 100-byte pings sent every 15 minutes. A daily average will be calculated using these 96 samples. The daily measurements will be averaged to calculate a monthly average.

Should cyberMIND fail to meet the Guarantee in two consecutive calendar months, Customer is entitled to a one (1) day prorated credit for the cyberMIND Monthly Membership Fee for the second month and an additional one (1) day prorated credit for any consecutive month in which the Guarantee is not met.

Each month's packet success performance statistics are posted on the cyberMIND Customer Support Web Site (current customers only).
To receive the credit if this Guarantee has not been met, Customer must contact cyberMIND's customer service group within 30 days of the end of the month for which credit is requested.

cyberMIND will not extend a credit if failure to meet the Guarantee is attributable to acts of God, civil disorder, natural cataclysm or other occurrences beyond the reasonable control of cyberMIND.

Guarantee Coverage: Customers that register and have service in the applicable geographic region are covered for the following cyberMIND services: LAN Connect, Higher Broadband, the Internet access features of cyberMIND Dialup, Dedicated, and Roaming.

Customers with North American service sites are eligible for North American and Transatlantic coverage. Customers with European service sites are eligible for European and Transatlantic coverage.

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