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Frame Relay

Frame Relay is a Data Link layer protocol, comparable to the Point-to-Point Protocol, or PPP. Unlike PPP, Frame Relay is designed to support dedicated multipoint connections such as might be used to interconnect all schools in a district into a single wide area network.
Frame Relay offers a highly efficient use of resources. Instead of a physical connection to the district office, each school can use a Frame Relay Private Virtual Circuit, or PVC, to create a virtual connection. Physically each school is connected to their local Frame Relay provider using whatever connection speed is appropriate to their needs: 56K DDS, Fractional T1 or full T1. The Frame Relay provider connects all of the schools to the district office through the Frame Relay "cloud" by defining private virtual circuits between each school and the district office.

cyberMIND Frame Relay service:
Frame Relay

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