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DSL Internet Service Special
Starting at $18.99 per month DSL Internet Service

High Speed DSL Internet Service For Residential and Business

High Speed Internet Service DSL makes the web more comfortable

You Get:

• Fast Broadband Internet Service
• Keep your existing phone number -or- use DSL without a phone line
• Unlimited personal e-mail accounts
• SpamSlam™ behind-the-scenes spam protection
• 50MB Personal Web Space
• Virus and Spyware protection
• Low cost, super high speed Internet service


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West Michigan DSL Sale - List of DSL availability by City in Michigan

A high speed Internet access connection provides fast downloads, fast uploads and speeds up your E-mail access. Broadband internet service allows you to download e-mail and web pages more than 10 times faster than dial up.

Since DSL uses a different frequency than the one you use when you talk on the phone, you can be on the high-speed Internet at the same time you’re talking on the phone.

DSL is available in certain areas. DSL service availability is determined by the distance between you and the Central Office. The closer you are to the CO, the higher the speeds available to you.

Different from cable broadband, a DSL Internet service connection is a direct connection to the Internet. Cable technology is based on shared bandwidth, with many factors influencing download speed. With shared bandwidth the speed fluctuates depending on the number of subscribers on the cable connection. With DSL, the connection is yours and not shared, and you tend to have a more consistent speed.

High speed Internet access allows you to watch streaming video, listen to Internet Radio, send and receive large attachments and pictures without having to wait for them to download.

High speed Internet access is now affordable.The 1.5Mbps connection is the same download speed companies with T1s enjoy.

DSL internet service

The "Broadband Internet Revolution" is changing the way people use the Internet. Unfortunately, broadband Internet or high speed Internet access has not traditionally been available to small and midsize towns and cities. Residences and businesses located in small and midsize cities were left to languish with slower dial up Internet service. Until now. cyberMIND is bridging this Digital Divide, making high speed broadband internet - DSL Internet access available in most areas nationwide.

cyberMIND understands that the Internet is an integral tool for success, and businesses without high-speed access are at a distinct disadvantage in today's competitive marketplace. With cyberMIND DSL Internet service, the Internet will become a more powerful and enjoyable tool for your home or business.High speed Internet access allows you to do more on the Internet.

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