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ISDN What is needed for an ISDN Connection?
What is it?

1. Call your local telephone service provider. You will need to have them install a data line in your home or office to be used for the ISDN connection. The benefit of the data line over an analog line is the data line increases the amount of information that can be transferred from point to point. The installation of the data line will have a one-time fee ranging from approximately $100 to $500, depending on your location in the US, with an additional monthly fee similar to that of your regular phone bill.

2. Choose your data package. Your choices are data, data/voice, and data/voice/voicemail. The data line can enable you to use both your fax machine and be connected to the Net simultaneously (with a two line connection). This is the ideal choice for those with a home office or small business, which requires a constant, high-speed connection to the Internet.

3. Get an ISDN data modem (you can purchase one through cyberMIND for $199.00). An ISDN modem is needed because an ISDN line uses a digital signal as apposed to the analog signal of your regular phone line.

4. Hook the ISDN modem up to your PC. Install accompanying software, making sure to place your dial-up information into the correct areas (for assistance, you can contact us at 877-373-6680).

5. From this point, you need only to hook the modem up to the new data line and establish the connection.

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