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Welcome / Support / Copernic Explained

Copernic Explained

Abstract - "Copernic is an award-winning search solutions that simultaneously consult the best Internet information sources and bring back relevant, high quality results in a flash. The Copernic products combine simplicity and performance along with unique sorting and filtering features. "

About Copernic

Copernic 2000 is an intelligent agent that carries out net-searches by simultaneously consulting the most important search engines of the Internet.

We have implemented a Tracking Agent function to monitor the search engines for instances of your web site in those search engines.

What is a Tracking Agent?

A tracking agent is a virtual robot that automatically conducts searches on a regular periodic schedule in order to update specific searches and identify changes that have occurred.

Copernic features a very powerful tracking agent fully integrated into the software in order to maintain flexibility and ease-of-use. The Copernic Tracker can monitor an unlimited number of subjects on an ongoing basis and notify the presence of documents or Web pages of interest to you.

We have instructed the Tracker to e-mail search reports automatically, if desired. The report lists only new documents found, along with some pertinent information (brief description, hyperlink addresses, engines, and so on). A report can also be sent to several targeted addresses, such as you, a client, a colleague, or any other person. The Copernic Tracker also combines other tasks with search updates by validating them to eliminate invalid documents, and refine valid documents after they have been downloaded.

The Reports That You Receive

The Copernic reports that you receive are generated on a monthly basis beginning on the first of each month. The first report that you receive is a listing of the pages, and search engines, that have indexed your site and listed your page(s). The second, and following, reports that you receive are update from the previous month, listing pages that have been listed since the last report was run. We have set Copernic to search only the first 20 items in the list of results and we have keyed it on your domain name as in

The Copernic reports will allow you to monitor your site as it is listed and updated in the search engines, automatically. This saves you valuable time and effort by searching the Top 20 search engines simultaneously and notifying you of updates and listing automatically.

More Information provides information on it's flagship product, Copernic

A Free Personal Edition of Copernic can be downloaded at


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