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Welcome / Support / Hosting Manual / Site Made Easy WebControl System

Site Made Easy WebControl System

We understand that building a web site can be intimidating at first. To this end, we provide an easy to navigate web interface that allows you to control and manage your web site right over the Internet through any web browser.

Please log in and explore the WebControl System and familiarize yourself with its features. Below, you will find explanations of each feature, what it does, and how to set it up.

You can access the WebControl System by pointing your web browser to


WebControl System Features


Introduction to the WebControl System

The WebControl System allows you to control your web site from any Internet browser. This virtually eliminates the need for novice users to learn and use FTP and Telnet. The more familiar interface of the web browser, combined with point and click simplicity, makes the WebControl System an extremely user-friendly web management tool. The WebControl System is included with every account.



To log into your WebControl System, you will need to use your username and password. Enter this information into the boxes, and click "Login". You will then see the main page of the System.



Once you are finished working in the WebControl System, you should log out of the System by clicking on this button. Logging out will prevent unauthorized users from accessing your account.

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